Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Move is On

As of today, my blog will be moving to the following url:

I hope many of you will update your feeds and keep following my blog! I was unable to find an easy way to transfer my old posts, but I did manually copy a few months worth. As time goes on, I may copy more over, but it will definitly take time. For the time being, I will keep a link to this blog on the front page of my wordpress blog.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Three-day Weekend...

was spent cleaning and stitching. We are having friends over next weekend for a game night, so I desperately need to make our home a bit more presentable. While taking breaks from cleaning I also stitched and went to a baby shower for one of my best high school friends.

Here is all the stitching I have done since my last update...

After finishing up Christmas Fairy I decided to work on Stargazer for a little while. That is how I spent my Thursday and Friday evenings. I really love that piece. The colors really call to me and it is a pretty quick stitch. As my CC got charged from Stitching Bits and Bobs the other day, my beads for this piece should be on their way along with my kreinik for Barnabee's Quest. Here is how she looks so far. Sorry for the crappy pic.

On Saturday and Sunday, I worked a little on M9. I am not sure why this piece is just not calling to me. Not much left in this corner though. I spent some time on the corner pool while watching the Illusionist (great movie) and Superman Returns (2.5 hours of my life lost) on Sunday. I hope I get into another groove with this one again soon!!!

And today, I am officially finished with Part 1 of Bordeaux Mystery. Then I went on to work some on Part 2. Part 2 is really pretty, but there are tons of over one grapes. I think they may bee the death of me!

In other friend Robby is going to try and see about some ways of transferring my blog to Wordpress. If nothing else, I will copy some post over and put a link to this blog on the Wordpress blog for anyone who wants to read old material.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Potential Move

Alright, I think I may be jumping on the bandwagon of people moving to wordpress. I love the fact that you can have the additional pages on your blog for challenges, lists and things without having to bump posts on your main page or having a gigantic sidebar.

The current blog is in the NEW Blogger format and cannot be imported into wordpress like those who have old blogger have done. Well poo! We shall see if there is something to be done that is not too painful.

Keep an eye out for a new URL.

Friday, January 12, 2007

My First 2007 Finish

So here is my first finish of the new year. May I present my Christmas Elf Fairy! She really is so pretty and the silver beads are increadibly sparkly. None of these pictures do justice to her sparkles. You can't even see the bead snowflakes around her boots. Behind the fabric is the book that I am using to help Allen as he plays Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It is funny how many of the tasks in the game you cannot do without the official game guide:)

Now the ultimate decision...what to stitch on for the rest of the evening!?!?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wine Sampler

On Monday, I had my third annual evaluation since starting my current job. For part of the eval, my boss observed me facilitating a clinical staffing at the high school I work with. All the teachers, admin and other staff on the team are really great so facilitating meetings is not hard, but we are usually extremely silly (including the staff on the team who are my boss's equivalents on the tree of power) and it was hard for us all to keep ourselves a bit more sober. I was so tired just from trying to be serious at that meeting. All in all, the eval went well and I get to skip evals next year. Yeah!! Now if I could only get myself together enough to do the paperwork to take the clinical social worker's exam. Hopefully soon.

After my tiring meeting on Monday, I didn't feel much like stitching. I did a little work on my Valentine's Exchange and put Bordeaux off until tonight. I didn't get part one finished like I had hoped, but I did make some great progress. Those overone letters took a fair amount of time to do. Stitching was made even more pleasant this evening by the Washington Caps beating the stink out of the Philadelphia Flyers as of the end of the second period.

Today, I was also good in that I actually did some exercise. As an amusing little motivator for myself I am going to do a Leslified version of the "Walk to Rivendell" that many other bloggers have been participating in. As I prefer to excercise in my home and our primary cardio equiptment is a recumbent bike, I will actually be biking to Rivendell and beyond over the course of 2007. Let us see how far along the path to Minas Tirith I can get.

Today I biked 4 miles while watching Engineering and Empire. One more mile and I will Cross The Great Road from the Brandywine Bridge.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

An Almost Finish and a Dirty Kitty

Today should have been a M9 day, but when I woke up I was very indecisive about what I wanted to do. I consulted with Allen and he said I should work on whatever I was closest to finishing. So, I got some more good work done on Christmas Fairy. She will most certainly be finished on Wednesday night now. The only problem was that I was about five stitches short on floss for the main color in the wings, Crescent Colors-Cloud. I subsidized with with some white DMC. At least it blends in well. All that is left is the outer border of the wing and the beading.

On the kitty front, while Allen and I were watching season 2 of the Office last night, Cooper came down in to the family room trying to look all cool and such. The only catch in his attempt at coolness was the giant dust bunny sitting on his forhead. He was blissfully unaware of this fact and wandered around and napped with it there for quite a while. I am surprised that it wasn't bugging him. Here are a few pictures of him in all his dirty glory:) What a goof!! I am still trying to figure out where he found this lovely friend.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A great stitching week!

Wow, I have been super busy with stitching this week. On Monday and Tuesday, I got down to work on Bordeaux Mystery. I am now more than halfway done with part one. I hope to have part one done next week....if those over one words don't kick my butt! Maybe someday I will catch up with Carol and Anne:)

Wednesday and Thursday, I spent a little time with Christmas Fairy and my Valetine's Exchange. She is getting so close to a finish. Just her hat, the tree and half her wing left and then on to the beading. I am starting to think about how I am going to finish her. Unfortunatly these pieces are an ackward size and don't fit nicely into any standard size frame, so I am thinking about finishing her up as a flat fold. I have seen these fairies done that way a couple of places and they look nice. Keep your eye out for my first finish of 07 in the next week or two:)

Speaking of framing, Allen and I have decided to try our hand at framing some bigger pieces. We found a place that sells custom sized frames and mats, we just have to stretch the piece and put it in the frame. We shall see how they turn out. I am waiting to get a set of the companies sample mats to pick something out for both Woodland Fairy and my RR.

And last night and this afternoon, I stitched on Stargazer. I am REALLY enjoying this piece and had a hard time putting her away to stitch on M9 tonight. The blues are so pretty and it is looking fantastic on the fabric I picked for it. It looks like as long as I stay interested in this piece, it should be a fast stitch. It may actually take longer to get the beads that I ordered than for me to stitch it:)